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build, explore, fight

You are the AI of a crashed ship on a planet rich in resources. Your task is to find the missing crew of the ship. Lead the mission to success with talent and a strong hand. It will be necessary to establish an uninterrupted production of the necessary materials and ensure the protection of the base from local aliens to complete the mission.

ReFactory is a mobile 2D strategy game with a focus on construction and logistics where you build an automated mega-factory on an alien planet.

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Extract resources
Look for copper and iron ore, timber and crystals, granite and oil. You have to build installations, conduct electricity, improve the performance of systems.
Develop technologies
Move from simple technologies to microelectronics, chemical reactions, creation of explosive substances. Build a factory or a whole network of factories. More technologies — more opportunities and chances to find the ship's crew.
Consider your strategy
ReFactory is not just about building production sites. This is a world that lives by your rules and develops in proportion to your mistakes. Wrong resources distribution will halt the development of the city. Think a few steps ahead and keep the factory safe.

new lands

Gradually, you will open up more territories for the construction of new
factories. No doubt your city's growth will attract unwanted guests,
but what can't you do to save the crew?

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MAY 14, 2024
Technical improvement
Added support for new versions of Android.
Added translation of the game into Italian. Many thanks to Giuseppe Ciancia
DECEMBER 25, 2021
This update brings Transport!
Now you can use Trucks to carry cargo to the most distant places. Pulling the conveyor belt through the whole map is now just a memory.
OCTOBER 21, 2021
Big game update.
Presenting update with lots of treats for visual perfectionists: we have completely redrawn the appearance of many buildings and taught them to rotate around an axis.
Moreover, we added an Achievement system to make achieving your goals more exciting.

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